Saturday, 26 April 2014

Faux leather

Dress – Asos
Heels – Minx
Necklace – Password Please

It was freeeeezing while taking these photos, I guess winter is here, not that we had much of a summer haha! I love this faux leather dress from Asos, it's pretty comfortable, apart from when you eat a big lunch at work and there's no stretch, oops. My shoes are from a shop called Minx in Greytown, I love the colours and the unusual heel. The necklace is also from a shop in Greytown, Password Please

Can't believe this is my second post by the way! I'm planning on adding a few recipes to the blog, as well as discussing living with Crohn's disease. I'm studying to become a nutritionist so these topics are pretty important to me.

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Chantel xx

Friday, 25 April 2014

Trying again

Top – Ebay
Shorts – Asos
Socks – Asos
Heels – Wildpair
Necklace – Etsy

So this is probably the bazillionth time I've tried to start a fashion/lifestyle blog haha. I'll stick with it this time (and try not to get frustrated when the photos of me look yuck). I have heaps of ideas for this blog, not just fashion pics. So it's a new start to the blog to go with my new tattoo you can see in the pictures above.

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